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There are ways to get the best out of your Wild Turbo Fan and keep it going for a long time.

RC Car Fan, Cooling Fan, Heat Sink

Fan connections

Our are fans are designed to work at 6V-8.4V so that you are connect the fan to either receiver slot, or battery terminals.  If you decided to connect to the battery terminal it is best to connect at the ESC side.  As the wire will not move as much as to the battery plug.

RC Car Fan, Cooling Fan, Heat Sink

Fan Maintenance

We offer two versions of fan blade axial holder. One is dual ball bearings are is cooper bushing. It is best to put a drop or two thin oil to the bearings every 50 packs of run, by peeling of the sticker at the non rotating side of the fan. Make sure you reseal it properly, any dust getting in there will reduce its live and performance.

RC Car Fan, Cooling Fan, Heat Sink

Fan placement

Make sure that the fan is at least 10mm from the motor, and the wind in pushing . Anything less you are creating a vacuum, which does not help cooling it.

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