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About Us

Industrial Partner

We have been dealing with our manufacturing partner since 2013, we have seen them grow from a small factory to a very capable company mainly focus on high end complicated custom design and manufacturing

Our Partner

Our partner who located in Shen Zhen start sicne 2008, We have been dealing with them and seen them grow, what they stand above the rest is their team is super dedicated , their product has been used in the following industries

  1. Refrigeration industry

  2. Commercial electrical industry

  3. Power equipment

  4. Purifier industry

  5. Sports

  6. Health equipment

  7. Power UPS industry

  8. Home appliance intelligent bathroom

  9. Security monitoring industry

  10. LED lighting

  11. Automobile industry

  12. Medical beauty instrument

  13. Communication industry

Mostly are being custom design, so if you have any thoughts feel free to email us and see the possibilities.

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