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VIP program
We have created this VIP program for our users and business partners to choose from for exclusive benefits.

VIP Types

Referral Program

Exclusive for gold membership, we would like to reward you for being our gold member, we have created this referral program where you can easily earn cash referral commission through our affiliate program 

*Please note this is not a multi-level marketing where you only get a referral commission from your direct referrals sales.

Commission calculations sample below

Sample Calculation

Product Price$100.00

Discount (15%)-$15.00


Shipping + Taxes$30.00

The customer pays (Order Total)$115.00

Affiliate's commission only on subtotal before shipping and taxes (20%)$17.00

To Join Click here

Please choose carefully as there is no upgrade path between membership types and no refund or cancelation policy as unique cash value purcahse coupons will send to you automaticlly when you make your membership payment.

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